Clammily Bed-bound

Published July 14, 2013 by iftheshoefits

I’ve been up for nearly 4 hours – this is progress.  I’ve been confined to bed for the last 36 hours, if I got up I was clammy and sick in equal measures – not a great state to be in.  So I’ve been lying in a comfortably dark room for hours.

I learned 2 things – being sick is no fun – and I love being alone when I am ill.  No talking, no interacting, just quietly dozing and resting.  I also realised how much I love my kindle and it’s clever software.  My kindle device was in my handbag, too far away to get without a clammy bout of vomiting, so I picked up my iPad and whispersync did the rest – keeping me quiet, still and gently entertained.  Reading a great book makes time slither past much quicker than endlessly dozing and watching the clock.

So I’m gently up and about, not moving quickly, not eating much, drinking plenty of water and green tree and wishing for a return to full health soon.

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