Heatwaving on with my life

Published July 16, 2013 by iftheshoefits

I’m from the north of Scotland, so to me this delightful weather is a heatwave – my blood starts to boil at about 24 degrees celsius so I’m way out of my comfort zone.

This summer reminds me of when we first moved down here in 2004 – I couldn’t believe how much warmer it was than the beautiful (but windy) north east.  And humid – I’d never experienced anything like it.  Neither had my hair.

I do love it though – it’s a bit too hot for me – but I’d rather this than the endless winter we’ve just kissed goodbye to.  At home, we don’t have inbuilt air-con so I just have an electric fan with a long lead that I take into each room – low tech, but boy does it help.  And the other half’s off exploring again, so I don’t have to share the bed – that would make it much harder – he’s big and he’s hairy – not the ideal combo for clammy nights.

But the sunshine brings out the best of everything so I’m happy for it to last all summer long.

Let me know your thoughts

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