It’s been a while (or when your life starts to read like the script from a disaster movie)

Published October 17, 2013 by iftheshoefits

I’ve been AWOL from these pages for a while – in part because on an open forum there’s only so much you can divulge and in part because if I write it, it must be true.

So, here’s the gist of things: work has been a little bit too exciting of late. I’m usually pretty sanguine and good at reacting to crises with a cool head and I’m known to be generous with my sage-like advice (that’s what I’ll be writing in my appraisal document anyway!!!) but October has totally sucked.

Some key members of staff have been hospitalised (now well on the road to recovery); one checked himself into A&E after a bad parachute landing (ok apart from cranial bruising), and a key nerd has spent more time at the Vet’s than at work – and that’s just the good stuff. One poor soul was stuck in the elevator for over 2 hours (we were in the process of collating emergency rations – bourbon, burger king, bucket) – before he was freed – he did have to climb out – all exciting stuff.

So, all of my energy has been spent trying to pretend that all of this is normal – and in sorting the anxiety dreams from the nightmares. And in believing that tomorrow will be better – it’s a good job that I’m an optimist.

But, you now have my full attention again. So await the postings and the shoes.

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