Hats – the best expression of self

Published January 14, 2014 by iftheshoefits

I love hats – they can transform your look, turn you invisible, and quite literally save your life.

Stockport has a museum dedicated to them where they have a plethora of information and displays.

I love the onset of winter where I can turn to some old faithfuls.  I have a black Kangol fluffy hat that is more smurf-esque than anything else, I have my cream bobble hat and I have a new grey and black cossack hat.  The cossack hat has won hands down in outings this winter – it looks fabulous on, but sadly looks like a dead cat when in my handbag or resting on my desk.

dead cat in bag

dead cat in bag

dead cat on desk

dead cat on desk







It’s a tad on the ostentatious side having a hat stand beside your desk in an open plan office thus my dead cat is now the office pet.  Maybe I should invest in a head mannequin instead, although I can see kidnappings and ransom notes as a direct consequence.  What I like most about hats is that they have the power to transform an ordinary outfit into something extraordinary, the only downside being hat hair – less traumatic than helmet hair (don’t believe the Zovirax ads, your hair never looks that good if you’ve had a helmet on for longer than 10 minutes) but you will have some grooming to do once you’ve removed it.  I can go one of two ways, uber fluffy haired or very very flat and smooth.  Neither work for me, so I just tame it back into shape and wait longingly until I can put my hat back on.

My favourite hat muses:  Bjork, Queen Elizabeth II and Lady Gaga – who can forget her Louis Vuitton headpiece?  Be brave, wear a hat.


















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