When your clothes love each other a bit too much – that static cling thing

Published January 22, 2014 by iftheshoefits

You know exactly what kind of day you’re going to have when you have to stop and adjust your clothing every few steps on the two mile walk to work.






I was trying to bring some sunlight into my day with a lovely summery daisy-hemmed halter dress, a white shirt, corduroy blazer and woolly tights with chelsea boots combo.  A little bit of spring to be precise.

But alas, instead of a cute little outfit, I found myself in “my dress is mating with my tights” kind of hell.  This is not a big deal – there are many more problems in the world than my dress turning itself into (vivid flashback) a puffball number from the not distant enough past, but it’s enough of an annoyance to pique you prior to your morning coffee.







I’ve had many more embarrassing clothing malfunctions – pinging buttons exposing a bit too much flesh, burst trouser seams, stuck fast zips, that awkward moment when you realise you can’t get a dress off in the changing room and have to call for help – but the static cling thing annoys you all day long.

Here’s hoping that tomorrow I’m footloose and cling free.  Vive la elegance.

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