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Green Tea – who’d have thought it?

Published August 17, 2013 by iftheshoefits


green tea

I’m a coffee loving kind of girl.  In my prime I would be ordering an early morning, pre-travel gigantic 5 shot latte. How I loved them, they nurtured me from the passive state of near-sleep to the pre-dawn meeting prep that a long train journey brings.

I still love coffee, but tea has sneaked in over the years.  Current favourites are Lipton’s Moroccan Spiced, any Earl Grey and any type of fruit tea.  I avoid peppermint and camomile, they’re just too horrible to contemplate as I can’t get passed the smell to sip them.

Green tea used to live in the latter category, but slowly and surely I’ve begun to integrate it into my daily beverage intake.  If I’m feeling particularly pious, I even drink it before that all important first cup of coffee.  But that’s pretty unusual if I’m honest.

Put it down to trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle, cutting back on caffeine and upping the water levels.  It still isn’t great – I never think, “mmmmm, that cup of green tea really hit the spot”, but I do want to believe it’s doing me good.  I just wish it tasted a little bit better.

That Monday Mood

Published July 30, 2013 by iftheshoefits

Even if you love your job, and I mean really love it, there are those Monday morning moments when you just can’t believe the weekend is over.

Those days when the alarm goes off, and although you want to turn over and go back to sleep, you have to haul your dopey carcass out of bed.  I hate those days, it turns my morning routine into an assault course (mascara wands and hair straighteners are dangerous in less than dextrous hands).  So half blind I head off to work where things aren’t going to get any better for at least 3 hours.

I need caffeine, which has to be introduced slowly or I get a bit too jittery, and patience is not something I can muster up at will. I just know that it’s going to be a bad day, and that’s before I’ve read my emails.

Sometimes, you just power on through, sometimes I just need to listen to some music to help the coffee pump its way through my veins.  And before you know it, it’s mid afternoon and you can actually function like a normal person again.  I hate those days.  But they do make you appreciate all the other mornings when you can just get up and get on with it.

I had one of those days yesterday, so I’m not due another for ages, here’s hoping.

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