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Operation Bikini Bod (OBB)

Published December 31, 2013 by iftheshoefits

Well, it’s day 4 of OBB and I’m sweaty, hungry and a tad taut (cue pained expression when bending down to put my shoes on).  I’m now cursing myself for taking about a month off both the exercise regime and the healthy eating front, and for not listening to Mr ShoeThatAlwaysFits to start off slowly, only doing one set of each exercise.  I grew up in the era of ‘no pain, no gain’ and just can’t get my brain around anything else.  My hamstrings may be tighter than Halle Berry’s catsuit in Catwoman, but at least they’re working.





I do feel better for the healthier approach to life, but this next week is going to be hard until I get back to being match fit. It’s a lot easier than it was a year ago at least, and I’ve slotted back into the healthy eating notion.  There’s no point in working your ass off in the gym if you put rubbish into your body – it just makes everything harder – this message is finally starting to sink in.  It turns out after the age of 25 you can’t work out on toast and cookies alone.  And there’s another benefit from being fit, you don’t get ill as often as other people.  I’m the only person in my immediate family over the festive season who didn’t get a bad chest infection and needs antibiotics – my poor Mum has been the worst affected, but both my nephews along my brother and sister-in-law have needed medical assistance and my Dad has been suffering from a prolonged cough.  I spent 48 hours in their company and didn’t catch a thing.  Maybe it’s just luck, but that green tea must be good for something.

Anyway, today is a day off from the gym so we’re having a special dinner and some wine and champers later it being Hogmanay and all – back in the gym again tomorrow though, and strangely, I’m looking forward to it.  My biggest struggle today will be in trying to stay up until midnight – I’m more of a morning type if truth be told, so the green tea is on hold today.  Bring on the caffeine, by the bucketload if necessary.  OBB is still a go.

My inspiration for OBB, a 1990’s Cindy Crawford.

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