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Turns out, I can diva with the best of them

Published March 23, 2014 by iftheshoefits

Last week was one of those which are funnier after the event than living through it.  It was a week of misunderstandings, miscommunications and misconceptions.

Cue the post I wanted to publish mid week:

“I’m irrationally angry.  I know I am.  I can feel the rant but can’t stop it.  I want to vent.  I need to vent – I need to go Mariah.  I need to go diva – epic diva at that.
However, neither my liver nor my credit card can actually take me to the limit – both will fail me before I can calm down.  It just isn’t in me though.  I’m already bored of my inner dialogue, my soliloquy to divadom.  In fact, I’m already over it.  Therein lies the problem; I need to hold the anger ahead of a strategic management meeting tomorrow so I can go all red haired Scottish scary – think a short, dimply, spectacle-free Frankie Boyle.  Enter stage left an impeccably dressed Irn Bru character assassin.
I get tediously bored trying to hold onto negative thoughts; my subconscious deals with negativity as though it’s a game of Tetris, everything has a place, you just have to put it there.  I put my anger away and come out with solutions and lists.  It’s my way.  Damn that mantra “in with anger out with love”, it wins every sodding time.
I’m annoyed because it’s not one thing that’s set me off, it’s a culmination of 12 months of minor irritations.  I only have myself to blame.
There’s only one thing left to do – music on loud (Mariah, Dionne, Shirley) and lists.  Lots and lots of lists.”










The next day was almost worse than the one that brought out my inner diva.  BUT, and that’s a gigantic BUT in capital letters – I let it all go.  I left a meeting mid way through to go and gather my thoughts, my sanity and my temper.  I then had another meeting where I could explain my frustrations.

As the week went on it became clear that there were a number of factors that had led to diva-gate.  It was the fact that key personnel hadn’t asked the right people the right questions.  I was the right person with the right information but no-one had asked me the right questions.  With proper hindsight, I could have foreseen the issues ahead of time, this time I didn’t – next time I’ll know how to counter the idiocy before it begins.

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