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Unexpected life coaching

Published July 11, 2013 by iftheshoefits

I had expectations and apprehensions about an executive coaching forum that I was to attend today.

I had expected it to be a bit corporate, and if I’m honest, a bit ‘death by powerpoint’.  I was wrong on all fronts.

In the morning I had my energy aura measured via a colleague using dowsing prongs – I kid you not; and had received an insight into how other ‘insightful’ people perceive me.  The feedback I was given was that I need to believe in myself and not let feelings honed since childhood hold be back from fulfilling my potential.  At the end we were given a polished stone and were told to practice some exercises at home.

Now, I’m an open minded soul with hippy tendencies, but this was a bit much for a first time peek into this particular forum.  I felt like I’d joined a cult.

The afternoon session was more tailored towards my expectations – problems raised, clarification round of questions – sage advice dished out.

My immediate afterthought is – expect the unexpected.

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