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Hats – the best expression of self

Published January 14, 2014 by iftheshoefits

I love hats – they can transform your look, turn you invisible, and quite literally save your life.

Stockport has a museum dedicated to them where they have a plethora of information and displays.

I love the onset of winter where I can turn to some old faithfuls.  I have a black Kangol fluffy hat that is more smurf-esque than anything else, I have my cream bobble hat and I have a new grey and black cossack hat.  The cossack hat has won hands down in outings this winter – it looks fabulous on, but sadly looks like a dead cat when in my handbag or resting on my desk.

dead cat in bag

dead cat in bag

dead cat on desk

dead cat on desk







It’s a tad on the ostentatious side having a hat stand beside your desk in an open plan office thus my dead cat is now the office pet.  Maybe I should invest in a head mannequin instead, although I can see kidnappings and ransom notes as a direct consequence.  What I like most about hats is that they have the power to transform an ordinary outfit into something extraordinary, the only downside being hat hair – less traumatic than helmet hair (don’t believe the Zovirax ads, your hair never looks that good if you’ve had a helmet on for longer than 10 minutes) but you will have some grooming to do once you’ve removed it.  I can go one of two ways, uber fluffy haired or very very flat and smooth.  Neither work for me, so I just tame it back into shape and wait longingly until I can put my hat back on.

My favourite hat muses:  Bjork, Queen Elizabeth II and Lady Gaga – who can forget her Louis Vuitton headpiece?  Be brave, wear a hat.


















It’s hard to swagger in a bobble hat

Published December 28, 2013 by iftheshoefits

I grew up in the windy northern isles, and I do mean windy.  My trademark windswept and interesting look was earned the hard way – no amount of hairspray in the world can keep you looking neat and tidy in 70mph winds, and trust me, I’ve road tested more than my fair share of brands.

So it’s rather unfortunate that I have sensitive ears – the kind of ears that hurt when the music is too loud or feel as bad as toothache when gale-force winds come a-calling.  My youth was spent swathed in knitted hats, hoods, and when all else failed, ears stuffed with cotton wool.

Over the years I’ve learned to love hats, and have found what works for me: top hats, baker’s caps, cossack hats (the bigger and fluffier the better); and what doesn’t: berets, beanies, cloche hats, the trilby, cowboy hats.  What can I say – my small head with big hair needs a big hat.

This season, new coat = new hat, and the hunt was on.  I have a hat which compliments my dress coat or cape which I wear over suits.  However, I have a new sensible weather proof coat this year – it’s windproof and I’m in love – and it’s winter white in colour.  All I needed was an outdoorsy type hat to compliment it too.  My folks gave me a beautiful cap as part of my Christmas, but I can’t wear it when it’s really windy as it’ll fly off into the yonder.

In the end I ordered this bobble hat by DC Clothes and it brought memories of my childhood flooding back to me:


And that’s part of the problem, when I wear it all I want to do is jump in puddles and fool around.  It brings my inner child out into the open.  It may not be elegant, it may not be cool, but it sure is fun and I don’t have to chase after it on a windy day.

Like I said already, it’s hard to swagger while sporting a bobble hat.

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