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Celebrate your individuality

Published July 30, 2013 by iftheshoefits

Self-expression is an important part of who I am.  Just because I have a responsible job in the business world does not mean that I have to dress in a corporate uniform.

I carefully choose clothes that are smart (they have to be) but which are also quintessentially me.  I do wear suits occasionally, but I usually compensate the severity of the suit with a flamboyant scarf and killer heels.  And with messy, plenty of volume hair.  That’s how people usually remember me – either for my hair or my shoes, often both.

And that’s ok, I don’t want to blend into the crowd.  I like to look different, I like to be colourful in a grey world.

I encourage everyone I work with to be themselves, just because we have to be smart on a client site, doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on who you are.  Be yourself, be authentic, be memorable.

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