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Wedging my way through summer

Published July 20, 2013 by iftheshoefits

These beauties from Boden – – are seeing me safely through the summer.  I can’t express how comfortable they are, they have a slightly cushioned in sole which make them feel more like trainers than anything else. I have two pairs of these in different colours and they’ve barely been off my feet.  What’s not to like? They give me some much needed height – but aren’t too high that walking downhill becomes precarious.

If I had to pick a style of shoe that would be my all time favourite – it would be wedges.  I have a few pairs of 5 inchers – they look beautiful on, but I do need to be on the straight and narrow when I’m wearing them.  It’s the dip at the front of the platform that’s pretty vertiginous when you’re going downhill – and don’t even try to take on a significant camber, at least without clinging onto a lamp-post on your merry way round the bend.

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